You Knew What You Did

You Knew What You Did

A #SurvivorStory by Broken

I remember meeting up with you at a park after we had been chatting online for a while. I made it clear sex was not something I wanted yet. We met up and had a couple beers. After a while, I realized it was getting late and I felt a bit off. Against my better judgment I let you drive me home. You said you wanted to walk me in to make sure I got home ok. I stumbled to the couch. You sat down beside me and kissed me. At first I kissed you back but then told you I thought we should stop. But my arms and legs felt so heavy. You didn’t stop. I felt your hands all over me, groping my breasts, you saying how you wanted to fuck me hard. I remember asking if you were going to do that, could you get a condom? I never said yes to any of this. I wanted your hands off my breasts, away from my body. But I felt like I couldn’t move. You ignored me and the next thing I remember is you pushing my legs apart and you violently entering me. It hurt so bad. But you covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream. I have no idea how long you raped me. I remember the sick smile on your face. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything but hope you would finish soon. When you finally had enough, you looked at me and said “don’t act like you didn’t want this.” I never saw you again.


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