Daddy Dont Go! – Exploring This Crumbling Patriarchy


June 16


01:00 pm - 03:00 pm


Adelines Lab

3140 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Berkeley, CA, United States, 94703

“DDG” is not a condemnation of men or masculinity, rather an invitation for everyone to join in a conversation. Through a multi-lens approach, we seek to build dialogue around our current cultural moments and where those fit into a much larger historic paradigm.

Together, let’s take an honest appraisal of all that has lead to this moment, from power dynamics to the intersectional impacts of patriarchy, and envision a culture of collective healing, rather than the compulsive consumption of short lived comforts.

Part 1. Anthology, a collection of perspectives in a variety of art forms (Deadline to contribute is midnight – April 24th).

Part 2. Gallery Showing – Opening Night – June 14th, 2019

Part 3. Community Workshops – June 16th, 2019


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