A #SurvivorStory by Samara

My name is Samara i was 14 at the begining i am now 16.

my father wasnt in my life up until two years ago, he contacted me via instagram i got so happy and excited that my dad wanted me so we talked for hours day and night about everything and anything and then he stoped talking to me for a little, i kept this a secret from my mom since she told me he wasnt “a good person to have in your life” so him and i started talking again and he said we should hangout and so i asked my moms to hang out with friends and she said yes and i met my dad for the first time, everything was great then i went home and continued to talk to him for maybe a week or two and then we hung out again something felt off that day even just over text but i still went and we got out of his truck and went into his house this was the first time id seen his house, so he said he would show me around when we got to him room i felt him breathing down my neck he pushed me on to the bed and violated me three times that was the first time i understood the word rape, i actually ended up walking home, that took an hour. Yet i still talked to him…i told myself i had made it all up that he didnt do that i met with him again maybe two months after he raped me in his truck and dropped me off back home, i cried myself to sleep that night maybe three or four weeks later we started talking again and maybe a couple hours in he sent me photos and videos of him rapeing someone else, i stopped opening them after the first one, i ended up getting my phone taken away later that night, my mom went through my phone and found the videos and photos she didnt say anything to me about it that night in the morning a cop knocked at our door my mom had called the cops and i told them about him sending me the photos and videos and then i got into drugs to help me forget about a year later i was drinking and i went to school drunk and had a mental breakdown and ended up telling a teacher what had happened, the cops were called again, its been a year and 3 months he is just now starting to be questioned about the rape of his own daughter.


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