This is only part of my story ..

This is only part of my story by Ruby

My names Ruby , I was Raped several times over a course of a year when I was 13 .I met this boy in a few years above , he was so nice and caring at the Begining .It got too the school Holidays and I went too his house .He spiked (drugged ) my drink and I just went completely out of it .Then waking up half way through Him having sex with me I looked over to the net curtains that hung down and my eyes just closed .I layed there completely lifeless .. with my knickers chucked onto the floor and my legs open for him .I couldn’t stop it , I didn’t even know what was going on .Everytime  I would try get up or even open my eyes they would just close again .The drug was so strong and I was so out of it , it just happened .

Then the next time of meeting him we was at the park and he pushed me from the side of the hill under this tree and held me down . Stay down he said , he got my arms around my wrists and bite my belly so hard it bled .

My names Ruby a survivor  , I was raped and this is only part of my story .


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