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A large part of shifting the culture around sexual trauma is changing the conversation around it. Sexual assault is known globally as a silent epidemic. This is why we’re encouraging members of our communities to raise their voices and share their Survivor Stories. Each of these stories is incredibly different and unique, but all display the immense strength within survivors.

What we aim to accomplish through displaying Survivor Stories is:

  • To facilitate a safe and inclusive platform for survivors to release their story into the world, ridding it from our bodies.
  • To show other survivors that they are not alone, and give them tips on what helped us.
  • To provide a larger, more anecdotal understanding of sexual assault. We want to raise awareness that 75-80% of rapes are committed by someone the survivor knows and through these stories we believe it becomes a lot clearer how that may take place.

While exploring these very personal journeys, we’d appreciate you to consider the following:

  • Take care of yourself. If at any point these stories are too triggering for you, please put them down and focus on self-care. Our goal is for these stories to provide healing to their authors, not to re-traumatize readers. If you’re unsure what self-care to do, check out our recommendations here.
  • Be open-minded. Society and the media have taught us a very different version of sexual assault than what happens in reality. Even though a story may not meet your “standards” of what sexual assault is, understand that to the survivor it does. Need some clarification? Read this post for an overview of common sexual assault myths.
  • If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. In fact, just leave our website if you’re here to be a hater. These stories aren’t about you, they’re about the survivor. If you can’t respect that then we can’t welcome you into our community. Read our community guidelines for more information.

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