Speaker Spotlight: Mallory Penney

Speaker Spotlight: Mallory Penney

Mallory Penney is a high energy woman with a passion for improv. And, we’re excited to announce that she’s also one of the workshop leaders at this year’s REDEFINED event! There, she will be leading attendees through an applied improvisation workshop designed to remind us how to be present, stay in the moment, and connect with those around us.

More about Mallory

Mallory is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network and holds a B.A. in Theater and Performance Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. As a team strategist, Mallory helps clients strengthen communication & leadership skills through applied improvisation team building programs. She’s a firm believer that “fun” is the operative word when it comes to peeling away inhibitions to allow collaboration and effective communication to emerge.

“When space is created for individuals to allow themselves to be vulnerable, magic happens. If people feel safe expressing their ideas and opinions, think about how many more ideas could emerge.”

Join her workshop on April 27th

Mallory’s workshop offers a fun, activity-driven approach to strengthening group collaboration and communication. Using applied improvisational techniques, she will offer a transformative experience that will shift ways of thinking; both about ourselves and as a collective whole. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will focus on ways to approach situations with confidence and passion, learn how to help support others with their ideas, and explore ways to foster meaningful connections in every interaction. Wear comfy clothes that are easy to laugh in and bring your “yes, and” attitude.

Don’t miss this growth opportunity!


REDEFINED: A Day of Healing is Survivor Alliance’s largest event of the year, featuring over 2 dozen workshops and performances from local artists, healers, and organizers. Our 2nd annual event is happening April 27th at Humanist Hall in Oakland. Be sure to RSVP here, and email hello@thesurvivoralliance.com with any questions, collaboration ideas, or sponsorship.

To find out more about Mallory’s work, visit https://wbtlab.com/


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