Speaker Spotlight: Fernando Caldera

Fernando Caldera is a para-educator by day, creator by night, and an active member of the Survivor Alliance community. He tabled at our first REDEFINED event last year, and now we’re excited to announce that Fernando’s a workshop leader at this year’s REDEFINED event too! There, he will be leading a wire-wrapping workshop in our creativity circle, with information on different stones and their uses.

More about Fernando

Fernando’s a Bay Area local whose been working with leather since 2014. However, his journey didn’t start there. 10 years ago, after some tough times, he met a mentor that offered to support his healing journey and introduced him to some indigenous artisanal practices. Learning these practices required commitment, which Fernando did, and he learned how to work with leather, silver, and stones to promote healing. Now, after petitioning his teachers, he is able to make and sell purified stones for the community.

Fernando has a large line of artisanal jewelry under the name Erous Artesenias. Each leather piece leather is smudged down so the animals spirit may be at rest—thanking them and giving them the respect their spirit deserves. Each of his stones also get cleansed and purified so the buyer doesn’t have to worry about unwanted energies blocking their own growth.

Working multiple jobs, he hasn’t always had much room to work with his craft, but that hasn’t stopped him from writing out ideas as they came, especially during needed mental breaks. He’s been working on a 14 piece art series, involving wood, stone, and leather work along side some silver for 4 years now. This past year he decided to go all in with the craft and quit a second job to have more time to create and expand his Artesania. You can find his work regularly at the many maker’s fairs around the Bay.

Join Fernando’s workshop on April 27th

Fernando is passionate about personal growth and helping people the best way he can. He goes above and beyond when it’s in his power and ability to help, even when it’s not be seen or heard. Good thing for us though, we’ll be able to both see and hear him lead a workshop at REDEFINED, where the teachings will focus on simple ways to create wire wrapped jewelry. Plus, he’ll share info about different stones and their properties. They are a very helpful tool that have such a huge array of possibilities.

Don’t miss out! In the meantime, you can find Fernando on Instagram (@Erous_psuche) or Facebook (@Erous Artesenias)


REDEFINED: A Day of Healing is Survivor Alliance’s largest event of the year, featuring over 2 dozen workshops and performances from local artists, healers, and organizers. Our 2nd annual event is happening April 27th at Humanist Hall in Oakland. Be sure to RSVP  here, and email hello@thesurvivoralliance.com with any questions, collaboration ideas, or sponsorship.


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