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Let’s take control of our own narrative and share our stories of sexual assault. It not only allows us to release the story from our bodies and heal, but it empowers other survivors to do so as well. Your truth is important.

Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting your Survivor Story


  • Be real. Be vulnerable. Be you. Let it all out. Scream, curse, shout. All the anger, fear, joy, relief, any emotion you may be feeling, this is your time to let it all out. Feel the emotional vomit escape you through writing this story. Accept it’s healing traits.
  • Get as graphic as you’d like. We’re not here to tell you that you can or can’t give details regarding what happened. We’re here as a platform for you to share. It’s up to you whether to focus on the trauma(s) itself, the recovery process, or both.
  • Let us know if you’d like to be published under an alias. (It’s always fun to think about what your name would be if you chose it.)
  • Send us a picture to feature alongside your story! This can be a picture of anything you want. Love ice cream? Great, send it over. Nature? We’d love to display it. If you’d like to have your personal picture displayed that’s awesome as well (unless you’re under 18, then we need you to check out the Special Considerations below).


  • Disclose the last names of anyone mentioned within your story. We don’t want you (or us) to get in trouble for defamation (even though they may deserve it). This is to protect all of us legally because it seems like rapists always get the best attorneys…
  • Provide any specific locational details. Stalkers are creepy, let’s make it more difficult for them. When discussing different aspects of your story, please use general terms in regards to locations. Examples of this include: Northern California, Bay Area, high school, home, university, friend’s house, etc.
  • Be overly hateful. Keep in mind, this is a platform for survivor healing. While it is a natural part of the healing process to feel hate and anger, please don’t let that dominate your story and try to focus more on the positives you can take from it.

Special Considerations for those under 18

We will not publish your name, location, or personal photos. If you have a preferred alias, please let us know and send along a non-identifying image with it so that we may still feature you. Examples of a non-identifying photo could be your pet, a nature shot, some food you enjoy, etc.

We will send a free Alliance Pin to all survivors who share their story. After submitting, you should receive your pin within 1-2 weeks (until we run out!).


By submitting your story, you are giving Survivor Alliance the right to repost in our blog and are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Your personal information (like name and address) will not be made public without your express consent, and you have the right to ask us to remove your story at any time.

If no picture is submitted, we will create an image to go along with the story. Our goal with this campaign is to provide hope and inspiration, so while we value displaying the real voices and feelings of survivors, no extremely graphic or slanderous imagery please.

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