Rape by My Older Half-Brother

Surviving ME

A survivor story written by Bird

My half-brother started raping me when I was little, around 8 years old. He was 3 years older than me. It was weird he was always all over me but that was it. I never noticed too much about it I was a little kid then.

One night he came and got me out of my room and did things to me. I remember not knowing what he was doing. I thought what was happening was okay. After this night it started every night for a long time.

I also shared a room with my older sister at the time, so every time he would go in there it wasn’t just me alone in the room. One night, he got caught taking me to his bed.. my sister did nothing but went back to bed. He said something about our dog needing to be in bed.

I was hurt. I was crying. I never felt so sad because I was hurting and it was happening so much. I never really understood or told anyone. I was a little girl.

It went on till I was about 13 when I told someone and the police got involved. My mom told me she knew he was hurting me and then my dad told me to fix what I caused, so I told them he didn’t do it. A few days later he starts again. I would go sleep in the living room and he followed. At this point, my mom knew he was hurting me and didn’t want to help.

The rape went on till I was 15, almost 16. When he moved out at 18 and was gone, it all ended.

I was still hurt. I was doing drugs. Letting guys use me. I begged my mom for help, she refused. Till this day my family sides with my half-brother about the abuse that went on, which he has admitted to them about.

I’m told to get over the abuse all the time.

In the mix of everything over the years, my half-brother was telling people I begged for it and that I raped him.

Remember I was 8 when it started, and almost 16 when it ended.

Till this day, 6 years later, I’m still in pain. I still see him here and there, and still no one cares.

Not even after the drugs and suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Or the cries for help.


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