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Jobs and workplaces define our culture. We spend most of our waking hours 5 days a week at work. So isn’t it important that our relationships there support growth of the entire workplace community? That they are rooted in being an ally?

This workbook is for individuals who want to model allyship in the workplace. Who want to feel more supported by the workplace themselves. It covers topics like privilege, power, values, boundaries, and bystander intervention, guiding allies through a journey of personal growth. Growth from a place of abundance ripples out to others and back.

Unlike the workplace packets you receive and immediately forget about, this workbook is more like an ally’s favorite zine. Each page was colorfully hand-designed by Survivor Alliance’s founders, with reflection questions to crossword puzzles to word searches to drive the topics home. Some pages even act as great prompts for circle discussions and workshops, so get a packet for everyone in your team, committee, or circle and work through it in your next meeting.

Whether used when alone or alongside a larger team, this zine helps cultivate meaningful allyship in the workplace and beyond. 

Allyship is work. Practice at work.


*Hint Hint* We can also come into your office and facilitate a workshop in alignment with the contents of this zine. Get the zines in bulk or learn more about these workshops by emailing us at


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