The Alliance Pin


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Thanks to a successful pre-order campaign, Alliance Pin are now in stock!

You should order a pin if:

  • You OR a loved one are a survivor of sexual assault
  • You want to take a stand against sexual assault (with little risk of confrontation)
  • You want to connect with and/or demonstrate your support for survivors
  • You want to engage in meaningful conversations around sexual assault and what we can do to stop it

We’ve spent months collaborating on a logo that encapsulates Survivor Alliance’s mission, and we’re so excited to finally share it with you! Our intent with the pin is to raise awareness for this mission and connect survivors/allies in a simple, indirect way. By wearing this pin, whether on your jacket, purse, hat, backpack, etc, you are showing support for and empowering the many sexual assault survivors out there, ESPECIALLY yourself (if that applies).

Seek out others wearing the Alliance Pin and connect. Make plans to meet for coffee and smash the patriarchy. Or keep it more low key if that’s your vibe. Find a way to support each other, however small. Survivor or ally, use the pin as a conversation starter to spread awareness and do your part is preventing sexual violence.

Let’s stand together.

Pins should arrive within 1-2 weeks of your order.

Dimensions: 22×22 cm hard enamel

Learn more in the video!


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