Online Date Gone Wrong

Online Date Gone Wrong

A survivor story written by Katrina L.

Sometimes life throws curveballs, where unexpected things happen that radically change us.

That was definitely my story when I was gang raped over a year ago. My life began to shatter. I didn’t know how to deal with the agonizing pain and emotions that came along with experiencing such a trauma. It affected me every single moment, of every single day. I started to self-harm, stopped eating, and started to think that I didn’t deserve to live anymore.

My days were filled with flashbacks, panic attacks and my nights were riddled with nightmares.  I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to go, that’s when I found Turning Point. I meet my counselor three months post-trauma, and I can truly say that my experience with Turning Point has been life-changing.

My counselor has helped me learn and build valuable coping skills, increased my resources and has saved my life on multiple occasions. She has shown me time and time again that the people at Turning Point truly care about their clients. Counselling has taught me that healing is a day to day journey that involves choosing life and fighting against the memories and lies that come along with being raped. My counselor has reminded me of my worth and that I am a child of God – perfect and undamaged in the Lord’s eyes – and how nothing that has happened to me, or that I have done to myself, will change the love that the Lord has for me.

Seeking help has allowed me to learn valuable coping skills and opened doors I never thought possible. 1-year post-trauma it was decided with the help of my medical team that what would help me gain my life back would be the help of a service dog. Two months later, I received my little blessing of a dog and he has given me so much hope and a reason to live even if just for him.

My hope in sharing my story is so that those of you who are suffering from a trauma know that you are not alone, and that you do not have to suffer in silence. It is okay to need help and there are truly people out there who care.

Freedom from Trauma is a journey to be taken one day at a time. So please reach out and know there is hope.

Christian music is something that has given me hope throughout my journey of healing. So I feel honored to be able to share my story on a Christian radio station. One song that has helped me is “Find you Here” by Ellie Holcomb. My hope is that when you hear this song you are reminded of my story, but more importantly reminded that even in your deepest fear, you can find God near.


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