My Grade 12 boyfriend.

My Grade 12 boyfriend.

A #SurvivorStory by M

I had just finished dance practice. I was tired, I just wanted to go home, and then I got a text, a text from my boyfriend, 4 years older than my 14 year old self. He wanted me over he said, he wanted to take advantage of the empty house. I said I would go over, but just to chill for a few minutes, when I got there his shirt was already off, he pushed me into his room, on his bed, he ripped my clothes off. I thrashed, I said no. I had remembered reading about how important it was to be clear. I fought, but he was stronger, I yelled no, over and over. I remember how much it hurt, I remember just wishing so intensely to see his mothers face, for her to just please come home. But she didn’t. Nobody came home. He washed and threw my clothes to me, he told me to get dressed, to walk home, and I did. I walked home and kept going with my life, like nothing had happened. But it did, it happened to me.


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