Its going to get better one day

Its going to get better one day

A #SurvivorStory by Laiba

I was just an ordinary girl on an ordinary street but I wished anyone who looked into the ocean of my eyes they could see there was more then what met the eye. I was a powerless 9 year old with only one hope gaining my father love. We want to be protected by our parents but we can’t be because sometimes there the ones we need protecting from. My father a man whose life revolved around power and control everything is power to him. He raped me at 9 that’s what I have to deal with raped at 9 till 11 does that make it any easier to deal with wait it doesn’t just stop there I i witnessed my mum’s rape and domestic abuse and mental abuse I witnessed all of that from a young age. I was raped and raped and I didn’t know it was wrong because I grew up from it. I was groomed. A way to get me used to what I was going to experience he used porn and forcing me to witness him raping my mum and spoilt me. All I wanted in return was I LOVE YOU why are those words important to me? Because that’s why I agreed to do having SEX with him even though I didn’t know why what was going on I just did he never said not to tell anyone I just knew not to. I got called a scet a bitch after the hour or so after the rape ended or the dick and vagina touching yeh and that’s what get flashbacks of sometimes of what I witnessed with my mum. Self harm became a thing when the urge to wash his dirty blood came he’s gone but not from my head I ended up in hospital for a week after finding out he got away with it. My councillor is the reason why I am still here and a specific individual who has made it her mission to make me smile and therefore I am still here in the world trying to survive cos so many people care my message is if I can do it then u can too anyone reading this I did it despite hate I got for disclosing but that doesn’t matter as long as people know what type of man he is Thanks for the special someone and to my counselor for being the reason why I am remaining this strong because they gave me hope and that’s what all of us need


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