Improve Sensual And Physical Joy By Yoni Eggs


The technique is to simply introduce the egg into the vaginal canal so that the woman feels comfortable. Some eggs have a drawstring on the tip, so you can pull it later, while others come without the drawstring, so you have to insert your finger into the vaginal canal to get it out.

The minerals present in the stones used in therapy have a DNA similar to ours and, therefore, transfer the energies through a mechanism called diffusion. In practice, it means the following: you have a lot of dense energy inside the uterus while the stone is clean. At teaches you the principle that everything always migrates from a more concentrated medium to a less concentrated medium, the dense energies concentrated in your womb will migrate to some stones, cleaning this organ or energizing you from within.

The effect of these stones inside the body is so strong that sometimes it gets dizzy immediately after introducing it. The first time I used it I was very surprised by the strength of the therapy, even knowing the power of the minerals. But of course each person has a different sensitivity and will feel the effects in a way. However, it does not matter. Feeling or not the effects, the treatment works with the same intensity.


Do not use the egg if you have difficulty penetrating during sex or feel severe pain in the act , because in this case you may have vaginismus, which causes your vaginal muscles to contract involuntarily, making it difficult to remove the egg.

Do not worry: the egg will do no harm, it is not toxic, but the scare it will take to have difficulty getting it out of the vagina, or the pain caused by it, can be quite uncomfortable. If you show these signs, seek a gynecologist and a gynecological physiotherapist to correct your dysfunction.

It is also not advisable to introduce the egg into the vaginal canal during menstruation, because at this stage the uterus is more open and susceptible to infection. But you can leave it against the vulva or on the belly. The same applies to pregnant women or women who have not had their first sexual intercourse .


Some women use Ovo Therapy after sexual intercourse to cleanse the uterus and vagina of each other’s energy – especially when they have sex with many different people and are aware that these energies are there for long periods of time.

Some women use the egg every time they fly by plane to protect the trip.

There are those who make use of Ovo therapy when meditating, to facilitate the change of consciousness.

I’ve met a woman who uses the egg every time she sleeps in a bed that is not her own.

A student reported that she uses the egg every day at work and, according to her, this was the way she found not to return home so tired and to get involved in small intrigues in the professional environment. She says that egg therapy was her salvation to face her work more lightly and feel good at the end of the day.

Some of my students are also instructed to use the egg when they go on a date, or when they go out to flirt or attract attention, because any mineral puts you more in connection with their essence. This intensifies the brilliance, magnetism and virtues that are already yours. With the egg inside the person, the impression I have is that it feels more secure.

Use your creativity in the way you will use your egg and see if you need to use it more often, for more hours or less. The instrument can be found in virtual stores.


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