I Am a Survivor

I Am a Survivor

A #SurvivorStory by Tarayn

I was 18 years old just graduated high school and decided that its finally time that I needed to get a job so I applied to a place called Grace Ridge as a dishwasher found out that I got the job and I loved it until 3 months into the job I came into work and started washing dishes until my boss called me into his office i thought he was gonna tell me how good I was doing but I was wrong this day ruined my life once I got into his office he shut the door and I was just thinking in my head ok this is weird and then he put his hand on my leg and started rubbing I completely froze terrified of what was gonna happen next and then thats when he slid his hand up my leg and grabbed my vagina and told me to touch him at that moment I had so many mixed emotions going on I felt alone, disgusted, terrified and absolutely broken I remember telling him please dont do this and he just ignored me did that make you feel like a man having so much power over me he will never understand how alone and broken I felt running out of his offfice and into the bathroom to have a panic attack. And you know the worst part was I had to go home and tell my parents that my boss grabbed my vagina no parent wants to hear that and even after I quit he still had power over me I had to constantly look over my shoulder I was scared to be alone with a guy I couldnt sleep at night I would have panic attacks I had to see a counselor and i was constantly wondering why this or how this could happen to me so i have one question for you why would you do this to me? I remember when he told me that no one would believe me over him but he was wrong my parents believed me my counselor believed me and my family believed me and that mattered to me it broke my heart when i found out he still worked there I just hope it doesnt happen to the next girl. And I honestly dont know if I’m ever gonna be able to forgive him he broke me but the people I love brought me back together and his days of having power over me is over. I am not a victim I am a survivor.


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