He’s Not Family

A survivor story by Renee

I was only 14 but on the night of Jun 11, 2018 my life changed forever.

My uncle had moved back in with my grandma after a divorce. I had only seen him a couple of times before in my life. I was staying at my grandmas house for 2 weeks during the summer and on the second night I stayed up late in the pool. Everyone else who was there was sleeping or drunk inside except him.

We’ll just say his name is Steve.

Well he got in the pool with me. It was about 11pm then so I told him I was just going to go to bed and went to get out. I never liked being around him so I tried to avoid it. I couldn’t avoid it this time though because he grabbed me. He’s 32 and very strong.

I struggled but he just made his grip tighter. Steve would hold me around my waist and pull me up against him. I was in such a position that I was forced to sit on his lap. He would put his hands on my thighs and breast. I remember feeling him kiss my body. My skin being violated and nothing I could do. No one could hear me if I yelled. I felt frozen.

I was stuck in that pool with him for over an hour and a half. I remember smelling the alcohol when he talked. His hand were ruff on my skin. He put his hands inside of me. It’s that one feeling of dirtiest that never seems to go away. It hurt more than anything I’ve felt before. He counted the fingers every time he put another one in. He got three in. I was bleeding for a couple of days after that.

He would tell me how beautiful I looked in my swimsuit. Steve would say that this must feel good and that he was doing me a favor. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had pulled my swimsuit bottoms off of me and was taking his off. He was going to full on rape me right there in the pool.

He started telling me about how I was so tight and that was his favorite. About how lucky I was that he would be my first and not some random guy.

I remember feeling him up against me before he tried to enter. The terror that I felt at that time.

Before he got the chance my drunk aunt (his sister) came out and asked what we were doing still up. As soon as he had heard her he let go.

I had put my bottoms on and was rushing to get out. Before I did he grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear “I’ll get you eventually.” Those words still haunt me.

The rest of the two weeks I was there I didn’t go swimming and avoided being near him. I ended up throwing that swimsuit away. He was there for the rest of summer and our family vacation. Sometimes he would get close to me and touch me but nothing like that happened again.

My aunt didn’t remember anything from that night.

I’m 15 now and slowly healing with the help of my best friend but I know I will have to face him this summer again when he comes home. It will only be a week at our family’s vacation and I’ll just avoid him. I’m so scared that he will get that “eventually” and I can’t tell my family. I’m not close with any of them and they are all too happy about him being in the family again.

He’s not family to me. People like that aren’t family.


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