Grey areas

Grey Areas: A survivor story

Grey Areas

A survivor story by Becca T.

I was raped twice the summer after my freshman year of high school. Both by the same guy in the same weekend. We talk about the dangers of dating sites, but sometimes we forgo safety for a little bit of romance. I met my ex on a website where I could express myself and be as sexually open as I wanted. I expressed my interest in certain sexual desires and he found me. He knew everything that I wanted to hear. That I was beautiful and intelligent and any one would be lucky to have me. Someone wanted to give me their attention and I fell for it.

He had threatened me if I didn’t come visit him and I was scared so I went. I took a bus trip to see him. He picked me up in an uber and we when we got to his small apartment, the abuse started. He made me give him oral and complained when i wasn’t ‘good enough.’ It wasn’t until after I had fallen asleep because he was doing work, he raped me. I was awoken by a lecture on condoms and then there was a man inside of me and it hurt so much. I bled the next day. It happened again the next morning and it was after a thunderstorm and before I had to leave. He told me I only had a few hours left.

I later found out he was cheating on me and the whole conversation was full of gaslighting and blaming me for him cheating. we ended it on horrible terms and now he’s halfway across the country living his best life while I struggle daily.


This user-submitted story is here to spread awareness about real survivor narratives. Want to share your story too? You can do that here.


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