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What is the third sexual revolution?

A shift to a social system in which power is shared, through intersectional cultural norms and customs, that provides equal opportunity for all.

When were the first two sexual revolutions?

The first sexual revolution in the United States dates back to the 1920s, the Roaring Twenties (think Great Gatsby-era). The second one was said to have happened between the 1960s-1980s, the Free Love Movement, centered around empowering female sexuality, contraception, and opening up the dialogue beyond heterosexual relationships. While both sexual revolutions made huge steps towards equality, they still happened under patriarchal terms and didn’t truly liberate us.

Are you a non-profit?

Nope, we’re an LLC on a mission to make profound social impact.

Why aren’t you a non-profit?

While we love the work that our non-profit fam does, we see the challenges they face with fundraising. Born hustlers, we believe in making our money, not asking for it. We also believe in corporate responsibility. We aim to inspire other businesses to use their platform to create social change and to reinvest their profits into the communities that keep them going.

Does that mean you’re profiting off of someone’s assault?

Definitely not. We raise money through teaching workshops to workplaces and universities.

We then reinvest those funds through the Alliance Fund and public events that provide our community with resources to end cycles of sexual trauma. At these events we open up the dialogue around sex, teach communication skills, and partner with creatives to share coping mechanisms that support folks on their healing journeys. 

What are you doing to prevent sexual assault?

We’re taking a multi-pronged approach to preventing sexual assault.

  • Sexy Ed: Educating the community about sex, the importance of dialogue, and how to prevent miscommunications
  • The Alliance: Engaging both survivors and allies in the dialogue to end cycles of trauma .

What is Sexy Ed?

Sexy Ed is an integrative framework to communicate around sex, the good and the bad. From online videos to in-person workshops, we’re providing space and tools to open the dialogue.

How do I know if I am a survivor?

It’s not our place to put that label on you. If you believe you have experienced sexual assault, you are a survivor. If you’re not sure if you’ve experienced sexual assault, maybe this post will help.

Do I have to be a survivor to use this site or attend your events?

No, we encourage everyone to engage in the sexual revolution, both survivors and allies.

What is The Alliance Fund?

Every year we are giving back by dedicating 20% of our revenue to The Alliance Fund. Starting August 2019, members of our survivor community may apply to receive scholarships or grants that support healing from and prevention of sexual assault. We aim to support a diverse range of projects, from helping an individual with schooling costs to getting creative projects off the ground, under the belief that our community may uplift each other. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on the Alliance Fund and when the application goes live.

How can I apply for the Alliance Fund?

Applications for The Alliance Fund go live August 2019. For now, get updates by signing up for our email list and get to know our community at upcoming events.

What does your logo mean?

Our goal with the Survivor Alliance logo was to symbolize the power and strength that lies in community. In community together, survivors and allies have space to process and collectively heal from the toxic conditioning we’ve all been taught regarding sex and trauma. Hence, the two chain links coming together to create a heart in our logo represent this coming together for good.

The color scheme in our logo further amplifies the same themes. We love the color yellow for both its vibrancy and association with empowerment. It’s the color linked to the solar plexus, confidence, and autonomy, and symbolizes our goal to redistribute power intersectionality through the sexual revolution. Sitting on a blue background, which symbolizes the throat chakra and speaking out, it connects our mission to communication as a key for healing and empowerment.

As we evolve, we keep seeing deeper symbology in our logo and love to spread it around. If you like it too, check out our pins and stickers to share the meaning with your community. (Tip: get a free pin and stickers by contributing a blog or survivor story to our library!)

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