A #SurvivorStory by Beth

I had gone to a concert with some friends at a smaller venue. One of my friends knew one of the guys in the band so we were kind of hanging out with the band, etc. They invited us up to the bus. I remember the tour manager handing me a drink. Stupidly, I drank it. But I already had a pretty good buzz going. Then the tour manager said that he needed to go back to their hotel to get something and I should come with him, it was a bad neighborhood to hang out alone in. My friends had all dispersed by this point. I don’t remember the elevator ride or entering the hotel room. Next thing I remember him shoving me into the hotel bathroom and bending me over the toilet. I was feeling so woozy like I couldn’t move. I know now that I was definitely drugged. I felt my legs being kicked apart. I felt his hands on my breasts and I wanted to move them away but my arms were so heavy. As he yanked my jeans and panties off, I do remember trying to say no, please stop, please. I remember him slamming his penis into me again and again for what seemed like forever. I remember asking him to stop, that it hurt, but he kept telling me “shut up bitch, whores deserve to get fucked hard.” After that was over he decided he wasn’t satisfied and proceeded to rape me anally. I was still woozy but I remember the pain was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Finally when he finished and left me in the bathroom to get dressed I remember just laying there for a few minutes feeling like my arms and legs were so heavy. I got dressed and stumbled back to my car. I think I must have slept there because I woke up the next morning being unsure where I was. I should have driven straight to the hospital but I drove home and never reported it. I was ashamed for taking the drink, ashamed for following him.


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