Buried in the Past

Buried in the Past

A #SurvivorStory by Kimberly

Buried In The Past

Muffled screams of my ancestor

can still be heard

directly in the space

where her past sleeps

This time there is no filthy hand

clamped over her mouth

We can hear her, I can hear her

Giant memories shake,

they rumble the Earth

they tell me to tell

If I look at dirt strewn about

I can see a stolen innocence

seeped into a massive chasm

He took her whole

No strong arms reached out to rescue


massive muscles of sweat

piled upon thick bones

extended way into her comfort zone

He grabbed her over and over again

Aunty screeches at me to flee

Begs me to sharpen my axe

in preparation

of what needs to be cut down

I will have to slay him

But First

I must reveal him

Never did she rest in her resting spot

yet he sleeps peacefully in his eternal place

My sword of ink is prepared to destroy him

Right after I free her

with words she never got to say

It is not the kid’s fault, scream my ink spots

She was merely a child, your child

Scared.. no make that terrified.

You are but a lowly coward.

Did you even see who she was?

Your cold blood cursed through her veins.

It’s okay girl, I will save you

Leave. Her. Be.

Rot. In. Your Spot.

Stagnant stench will linger only to you.

We know your secrets.

Nothing is kept there anymore.

Hate. You. For. Violating Her.

I push my weapon deeper

You. Will. Not. Rest. Now. Eternity Knows.

Spit comes from my bitter saliva

it lands forcefully on his plot

Stripped of a memory stone

he lays unacknowledged

Rise up and be free

Sing songs of joy

dance amongst stars

No longer is she buried in the past.


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