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Spend more time doing the work you love

Focus on doing the work that you really enjoy, supporting survivors. Spend less time worrying about getting new clients.

  • To take a stand against the cycle of sexual violence
  • To share your story,  knowledge, and work on a platform for your target audience
  • To get a dedicated page in our growing community of survivors and resources
  • Options to list your service packages, courses, events, or products on the site
  • To establish expertise as a trauma care provider
  • To access to a targeted audience that can inspire and support your work
  • Opportunities for partnership on upcoming events, courses, and products.
  • Be the first to know about what we’re working on.

List your services in the Support System

Our mission is to create a centralized online resource for all things that can support a survivor’s healing journey. Sometimes, that’s a safe place to stay or a medical exam. Sometimes, it’s someone who can listen and be supportive. Sometimes, it’s a creative outlet. No matter that moment’s problem, we want a solution in our registry.  

Our Support System is a network of trauma professionals and artists that cater to survivors of sexual assault. It’s a wide variety of resources that support healing. Partners can share blogs, podcasts, events, products, or services with the community, and we’ll sort them based on what survivors are looking for.

Anyone who works with survivors of sexual assault is encouraged to apply

Survivor Alliance Support sytems

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Ready to join our Support System?

Those eager to get involved early should check out our crowdfunding campaign. For a limited time, interested partners can list their services in our Support System through the end of 2018 for only $50 (that’s a 79% discount for the year)!

To get this deal, please donate via the “Partner with us!” option on our iFundWomen crowdfunding page. After the campaign closes (November 27), this option will be gone and rates go up to $20/month.

Partnership is contingent upon approval of a partnership application and is not guaranteed by a donation.


Have questions about Survivor Alliance? Do you work with survivors and are interested in partnership? Have suggestions/tips/recommended partners? Let us know!

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