A #SurvivorStory by Lynn

it was like every other day, until he rung on my doorbell and my life changed forever. sometime in may i met this guy ram at our creek with our friends, he was new to the neighborhood, he was a nice looking guy, very tall, very strong. my friend didn’t trust him if only back then i listened to her. we became closer and closer. but that is when the red flags started appearing. he would just walk in through the front door without knocking or anything and eat our food, he called me names i didn’t like being called, he tried to always get us alone. i just engorged those flags like an idiot. but then in may a week before school ended he did the most cruel thing ever to me. i was watching my sister, my sisters friend came and asked her to play so my sister left. then a knock at my door, it was ram he said the guys came to get you, without thinking about anything i said OK, while we where walking to the woods where the creek was where we always hanged out.i asked where everyone was he said there in the back and i said what about smitten my best friend, he said i already got her. why did i believe him. we go to the spot and theirs nobody there. i asked him where everyone is he didn’t answer. i said OK im leaving but them he pulled me to the ground i tried to get up but he would come down on me harder and harder.then he held my hands down. and i froze i just froze watching this. he stared undoing my pants and was kissing me all over, then he took off everything to where my bottom half was completely naked. then he pulled down his pants and insert his dick into me he was inside me. then i unfroze and kicked him off then i kicked him in the penis and i quickly pulled up my pants and ran home. when i got home i broke down my sister was there she was yelling at me when i wasn’t here to watch her, she saw me breakdown and asked whats wrong i said whatever you do, do not open this front door no matter what please dont open the front door. he looked scared but i said if she does not question it ill make her cookies and she agreed, i took a 2 hour shower that day i just sat there thinking its not real, but it is and i couldn’t believe this happen to me. i didn’t go outside for weeks and when i got off the bus i sprinted home i didn’t feel safe anymore, finally i can out and he said that he missed me and that he wasn’t done with what he stared but later that week they moved i dont know why but they where in a rush to leave. im am now 16 this happened when i was 14 and i told people about it my mom wasent supportive she says it was my fault for what happened because i was too weak for him not to rape me. my therapist is great shes helping me so yeah that’s my story i hope you enjoyed.


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