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We are a team of sexual assault survivors, working together on a mission to redefine survivorship. We value growth and change, both on a personal and political level (mainly because they're one in the same). And given the fact that we're survivors ourselves, we strive for perfection, even when perfection still doesn't feel good enough. Most importantly, we want to help all survivors feel loved and supported, especially in the darkest of times. We are here for you.



Drusilla Cowan, Founder at the San Francisco Walk Against Rape in April 2017

Hey heeeey! My name is Drusilla Cowan, after my grandmother. Like she did, I go by Dru for short. I’m a southern girl turned Californian, with a love for spicy food, sunflowers, indie bands with strong female leads, and learning.

The concept for Survivor Alliance came to me after the 2016 election. I was working in a lab doing research at a biotech startup, feeling like this huge piece of me had to be hidden away out of shame. Since my own rape in October 2012 (more on that story here), I had taken so many steps in the healing process, but I still had many left to go. I was tired of feeling ashamed. I wanted to feel proud of being resilient, and I wanted to help others feel that way too.

Now, here we are. Through the chaos, I discovered my strengths and the power of building positive relationships with other women. And by sharing my assault story publicly (because I chronically overshare), I realized how it could be used to help others too.

More fun facts:

Degree: Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, minor in chemistry from Louisiana State University. Now–continuing education in Women’s Health and Ending Sexual Violence at CCSF.

Favorite self care activity: riding my bike to beautiful places and eating food

Favorite color: Lavender

I’m a pretty open book and will answer any questions about me you might have, but really, this site is more about you than me. So I’ll leave things here.



Hello hello! My name is Asehli (uh-say-lee) and I am so stoked you’re getting to know more about Survivor Alliance. My story with SA began when I met Dru through a SF Women Against Rape training filled with beautiful women working together to become rape crisis counselors and end rape. Surrounded by a group of survivors and allies, I finally felt like I was reclaiming power of my body and experience. For the first time, I felt grateful for my assaults because it brought me in contact with these incredible women. From there, the rest is just like any other story. You meet people, hit it off, share ideas, decide to combine those ideas, and voila! You’re typing an About Me on a website you’re co-founding.

I know I haven’t revealed too much about myself but that’s because I’d love to hear from you all. What do you want to know about me? I’ve included some quick stats below but If you have any specific questions please ask them and I’ll get back to you. If your questions are pertaining to my assault or if you are just interested and want to learn more about me, please stay posted for when I upload my Survivor Story.

Quick Stats:

Origin of Name: Mother’s is Sheila, she was feeling the hippy vibe so she scrambled her name and made mine. Woo anagrams!

Number of siblings: 6 (plus me so we’re 7 in total)

Degree: Double Major in International Studies/Spanish with a Minor in International Business from California State University – East Bay

Age: 24                                                Birthday: Tax Day!

Favorite Color: Green                        Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Both of us are certified rape crisis counselors with San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR). That’s where we met! The training was pivotal in shaping our work with Survivor Alliance, and also our own personal growth. However, by law, we are unable to provide rape crisis services outside of our duties with SFWAR. Please do not come to either of us for counseling or crisis support, as we would be unable to protect your confidentiality and could get our organization into trouble.

If you are looking for support, we have a number of services on this site, that can work with you directly. Please check out our Support System or call RAINN‘s national crisis hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673). If you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet, there are some informational resources in our blog.


Are you a survivor ready to take a stand against sexual assault?

Do you enjoy the challenge of working with a small team tacking big goals?

Do the mission and values of Survivor Alliance align with your own?

If so, you’re the type of person we’d like to have on our team. We’re not currently accepting applications for any openings in particular, but we hope this will change as things grow. If you’d like to contribute your special skills to the cause, let us know by sending a resume and cover letter to hello@thesurvivoralliance.com. When positions do open up and/or we feel like we just have to have you, we’ll be sure to reach out.

That being said, we always welcome survivors to share their skills with our community. If you’d like to volunteer to lead/support a workshop or event, we would love to collaborate with you! Reach out to us at hello@thesurvivoralliance.com with a quick overview of the ways you’d like to help out and we’ll get back to you promptly. Thanks for your support!

Survivors or applicants from other marginally oppressed groups are especially encouraged to apply. We can’t wait to add to our team and spread this work further.


Have questions about Survivor Alliance? Do you work with survivors and are interested in partnership? Have suggestions/tips/recommended partners? Let us know!

2017 Survivor Alliance

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